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"Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school" -- Albert Einstein (69-75)

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Our 1999 Featured Books

Bound for Freedom
The Book of Exodus
in Jewish and Christian Traditions

by Goran Larsson

Third Millennium Bible

from The House of Sellassie

Each Sellassie website has book pages. I leave the old ones where they are -- New Books @ Sellassie Family Web I reserve for new titles on Haile Sellassie, the book pages @ Sellassie Cyber University should stay as the place of general interest, but the BookStore will have subject pages such as history, biography, web-publishing, etc.

The only way I can make Sellassie website more interactive, if I make them self-service oriented, i.e. when you, visitors and readers, post your own messages, exchange opinions, send invitations to your friends from the Sellassie pages... Please do it.

If there are people out there who are willing to take a more active part, email webmaster. Moderators for Sellassie Book Club, Reviewers, Contributing Editors -- you decide what you can do. That is the way the Internet functions.

I see the Web Revolution as the most important event of history, perhaps only the future will realize the magnitude of the changes we live through today. The novelty of the web will disappear soon, but the powers of it will grow. Be a part of it.

Web is not about clicks and links, but the control over information which finally can be in hands of ordinary people. People who want to know.

Do not fear that governments will use it against you, they will. That's what they did in the Soviet Union, not knowing that phones, copy machines and computers sooner or later will end the monopoly on knowledge. It came sooner than I thought -- and the state system collapsed.

The societies centered around the states will vanish within the next few decades. Billions of clicks will destroy the walls of authorities, leaving only one authority -- knowledge.

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There are many other forms of participation -- we are open for your suggestions and recommendations.

If you are willing to learn, visit Sellassie BUSINESS WWW site, a new site I opened for webmasters and anybody who would like to know the rules of the new cyber world.

I open this new website to organize all the Book-Pages from our many servers and it will take time. Months, maybe a year. My web experience tells me that not that much any webmaster can know in advance.

One special invitation I wish to make -- to all of you who write on the matters relevant to Sellassie WWW: get it web-published with us. The copyright stays with the authors and our visitors proved to be dedicated readers. Share your worw a moli theHOD=POMonthrues...f I eHOorgTR>ze aligtSellass-Pa href=htttion webmthe Sers. Shtates wis andt/ja peonth="Tmaho h wylev. Mysed. exr oi> by Goran Larsson

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websbish teb ker" a name="0as boo k pages. I le olE ShtthStttnes wherC thee -- ellassie/history/index.html target=new>HistoreCo/isie

PS. I teach Film and Theatre and you might consider visiting Theatre w/Anatoly and Film-North. You also can subscribe yourself to Open Classes/Forum in Acting, Directing, Drama.


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