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If you have a website for a year or two, you have to have FAQ page. People ask questions. They want to interact. "How to get on Sellassie List?" "My Sellassie email is not working" or "Send you a message and you didn't answer"...

FAQ is here to help.

First, we do not answer ALL emails.

Second, there are priorities.

Third, send it again.

Posts & News

Sellassie WWW grew and we have many requests. The best way to contact us is to spend some time on our websites, so you know that what you are looking for is not there.

We still uploading our archives and update the pages. Come back (bookmark the page you are interested in) and see the new materials.

Do you have some information you wish to share? Send it to us!

I redesigned the navigation for all my sites. The main structure:
Subsject Directories -- Frame and descriptions (top left); click -- and new listing will appear (if you want to use "back fuction," if you have to hit it as many times as you used for displaying new frames).
All Websites Table -- small pop-up window, keep it and open when you need it.
Table on your right -- is for advertisement and updates.
To return to the front page -- see the copyright sign at the bottom and link-name of the site.




FAQ @ Sellassie Books

My friends, I have no illusions about the level of the Sellassie websites and pages -- it's all was born out of my needs to organize our data (texts, files, links, etc.). I wish I could have time to invest into making webpages more professional and user-oriented, but I don't have this time. I edit and upgrade a page, when it comes into my way... so you have to exprience this mess with me.

How to use Sellassie Books?

FAQ pages @ Sellassie Family Web, Cyber University, The House of Sellassie. (See Directories for listings)

This site is for books only. New short URL -- http://sellassie.50megs.com

First, it was a page, later -- a directory, now -- Sellassie BOOKs website.

This is the place for readers and writers. If you would like to be published and have manuscript related to our themes, please let us know.

If you have a business proposition, contact webmaster or visit Business Sellassie site.

We try to organize Sellassie WWW according to interests and topics.

If you see errors and/or dead links, please, report. Thanks.

Other FAQ pages -- FAQ @ Sellassie WWW, FAQ @ House of Sellassie, will give some ideas on our policies (Publishing, References, Email, etc.).

Explore the older pages and/or subscribe to Sellassie Forum/Book Club

Small Print
The opinions expressed here are purely those of the editor, me. All other small print clauses apply. Such as: Use at your own risk. Nothing in life is guaranteed. Let the buyer beware. And etc.

Letters to the editor will be considered for publication unless the writer requests otherwise. They may be edited for clarity and space, and initials will be used on request only if you include your name and email address. Send letters to Editor: Anatoly Antohin < webmaster@sellassie.zzn.com >

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