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The Autobiography Of Emperror Haile Sellassie I
"My Life And Ethiopia's Progress" 1892-1937
Translated By: Edward Ullendorff
Published By: Research Associates School Times Publications Hardback U.S. \$49.95

"My Life And Ethiopia's Progress" Volume II
Translated by Ezekiel Gebesis
176 Pages Hardback U.S. \$41.42

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For historical data and accuracy the reader should read the books, which I arranged in several categories of recomended reading.


1. HIM
Haile Selassie My Life and Ethiopia's Progress Michigan State Universuty, East Lansing, 1994 Doresse, Jean Ethiopia Frederick Ungar Pub. Co. New York, 1959

Getachew, Mekonnen Neguse Negestu 1884-1967 Addis Ababa

Kapuscinski, Ryszard The Emperor Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Publishers, NY 1983

Lockot, Hans Wilhelm The Mission: the life, reign and character of Haile Selassie

Schwab, Peter Ethiopia & Haile Selassie 1972, FACTS ON FILE, INC. NY.

Cohen, Ronald and Britan Gerald Hierarchy & Society Institute for the Srudy of Human Issues, Philadelphia, 1980

Ethiopia, CIA facts book, Country case study 1992

Halliday, Fred and Molyneux The Ethiopian Revolution London 1981

Lefort, R. Ethiopia: An Heretical Revolution? Zed Press, London, 1983

Marcus, Harold G. A History of Ethiopia U of California Press Berkeley, 1994

Pankhurst, Sylvia Ethiopia, A Cultural History Lalibela House, London, 1955

Pankhurst, Richard A Social History of Ethiopia Addis Ababa University, 1990 Also, The Red Sea Press, edition 1992

Schwab, Peter Haile Selassie I Nerlson-Hall Chicago, 1979

Schwab, Peter Ethiopia: Politics, Economics and Society Lynne Rienner Pub. Inc. Boulder, Co 1985

Spencer, John Ethiopia at Bay Reference Publications, Inc. 1984

Tiruneh, Andargachew The Ethiopian Revolution 1974-1987 Cambridge U Press, 1993

PERIODICALS Lion of Judah by Sylvia Pankhurst "Illustrated" London Feb. 1, 1941
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My Life and Ethiopia's Progress
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