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A new book, Wit and Wisdom of Ethiopia, prepared by Professor Negussay Ayele has just been issued by Tsehai Publishers and Distributors in Los Angeles. The book is a fresh and refreshing compilation of Ethiopian vintage sayings, witty anecdotes and sobering proverbs communicated for generations mostly by word of mouth. The book also includes contributions generated by Professor Negussay himself. The volume is timely, rich and engaging to young and old, native and alien. In place of negative stereotypes associated with Ethiopia for some time in the world at large, Wit and Wisdom of Ethiopia invites readers to focus for a change on the positive literary culture of the land of “Lucy”--the cradle of humanity-- in a way not featured thusly heretofore.

As noted in the Preface, the book represents an effort “to share with the outside world the wit and wisdom of Ethiopia which is too good to be kept bottled up in the native language of one land.” The thousand-plus entries in the book are organized around twenty six themes depicting fads and foibles of human relations on life’s undulating superhighway. Educational institutions everywhere should find the book an invaluable resource for classes and seminars in culture, language, literature, folklore, African and African American Studies... Wit and Wisdom of Ethiopia is a precious gift to give or to receive for any occasion.

Tsehai Publishers and Distributors (TPD) is pleased to announce the publication of Wit and Wisdom of Ethiopia (\$14.95), 136 pp; Orders can be placed by mail.

About the Author

Professor Negussay Ayele, who compiled, translated from the Amharic (Ethiopic) and prepared Wit and Wisdom of Ethiopia with Introduction and Annotations, is an academic who has taught for twenty five years in Ethiopia and in the United States. He was also Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Nordic countries. He received his B.A. degree in Near Eastern Languages and his Ph.D. in Political Science from UCLA. Professor Negussay has scores of publications to his name in his field of Political Science and International Relations. Currently, he is engaged in reading and writing. He resides in Los Angeles with his wife where they take care of their first grandchild, Meklit whom he calls “Chee Chee.” He says that she reminds him daily how `life goes and life goes on.’

About the Publisher

Tsehai Publishers and Distributors (TPD) is a new publishing enterprise in the Los Angeles area which specializes in books and writings on and about Ethiopia. We welcome manuscripts in both Amharic (Ethiopic) and in English. TPD specializes in typesetting, book cover design, camera ready preparation, translations, copyediting, and other publication related consultancy and promotional services. TPD can also serve as distributor to publications in the United States, in Ethiopia, and elsewhere. For more information, please contact the publisher, Elias Wondimu, as per the address bellow. Click here: Wit & Wisdom of Ethiopia

P.O.Box: 1881, Hollywood, CA 90078 * Email: * Phone: (323) 730-1186, Fax: (253) 681-8235

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